I am thinking about make my first beer in this summer. However, in my country the summer has an ambient temperature about 25-30º. So my question, is what type of beers are adequate to this conditions?

My first idea is a blond ale (Brewferm Ale), with fermentation at the ambient temperature in Barrel Aging. What do you think about?

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    Go with a Saison. That yeast likes temperatures in that range, even up to 35.
    – jalynn2
    Jul 7, 2015 at 18:00
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    Aug 16, 2016 at 11:14

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That is really too warm as you will get fusel oils as a bi-product. If you absolutely must do it in that high of a temperature, I would go with an ESB or something. If you really are going to get into this, you may want to invest in an old refrigerator and maintain around 17 - 20 degrees for an ale. Well worth the investment if you have the space and money!

Good luck.

  • And to embark on this route, Google "DIY Kegerator." A full-size fridge on Craigslist was only $75, and a temperature controller was about $25 IIRC. Turned out the room we were fermenting in got colder than 18 C at night in the winter, so for now I just unplug the fridge from the temp controller and plug in a desk lamp instead, which I put inside the fridge. Works like a charm. Jul 3, 2015 at 18:34
  • I think you mean fusel alcohols. It depends on the yeast whether you will or not. Some strains are very tolerant of higher temperatures.
    – jalynn2
    Jul 7, 2015 at 18:02

I brew in South Florida with similar ambient temps during the spring-summer-autumn.

For beer styles, check out the saison, which enjoys a higher fermentation temperature. Wyeast 3724 has a temperature range of 70-95F, 21-35C and attenuates up to 80%. I've had great success with this strain, even at the higher ends of the range.

Beer and Wine Journal has a nice list of yeasts that do well in higher temps.

White Labs WLP550 (Belgian Ale) — 68–78°F (20–26 °C)

White Labs WLP566 (Belgian Saison II yeast) — 68–78°F (20–26 °C)

White Labs WLP568 (Belgian Style Saison Ale Yeast Blend) — 70–80 °F (21–27 °C)

White Labs WLP065 (American Whiskey Yeast) — 75-82 °F (24–28 °C)

White Labs WLP655 (Belgian Sour Mix 1) — 80-85+ °F (27–29 °C)

White Labs WLP665 (Flemish Ale Blend) — 68-80°F (20 –27 °C)

Wyeast 1214 (Belgian Abbey) — 68-78° F (20-24° C)

Wyeast 1388 (Belgian Strong Ale) — 64-80° F (18-27° C)

Wyeast 3724 (Belgian Saison) — 70-95 °F (21-35 ° C)

Wyast 3725 (PC Biere de Garde) — 70-84 °F (21-29 °C)

Wyeast 3763 (Roeselare Ale Blend) — 65-85 °F (18-30 °C)

Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity) — 64-78 °F (18-25 °C)

Wyeast 3822 (PC Belgian Dark Ale) — 65-80 °F (18-27 °C)

Fermentis Safbrew T-58 — 12-25°C (54-77 °F)

Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 — 12-25°C (54-77 °F)

If you're looking to bring the beer to a little bit below ambient (as fermentation is a bit of an exothermic process) try a small plastic tub full of cool water with the carboy in it wrapped in a towel. The towel will wick up cool water and evaporate, basically acting like a giant sweat gland!

Hope this helps.

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