I imagine the might would look something like:

Pale Lager    
Generic lager.
Pale Ale (Which style?)    
Imperial Pale Ale    

Of course, I'm not a full on beer aficionado, I don't know all the styles.


I think you'd have trouble with this because of different dimensions of flavor. Beer has a very complex flavor and different recipes are different. One can order beers (if specific enough to include a brand) along any dimension of flavor, but I am not sure that you can order them consistently along all dimensions.

Here are dimensions I would think of:

  1. Malty/caramel
  2. Hop-forward
  3. Bitter (Hops)
  4. Yeasty

It isn't clear to me how one rates strength of flavor between an IPA and a porter for example. So I think the answer here is a simple "no, you can't."

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