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Do cans change the taste of beer?

My favorite beers come in bottles and in cans. I always buy it in bottles because I've heard that cans negatively impact the flavor of the beer. Is this true? If so, how does it work?

storage cans  
asked by crownjewel82 44 votes
answered by JLott 24 votes

Storing tequila in the freezer?

Tequila happens to be just about the only liquor I enjoy. Recently, I was talking to some guys from Mexico who know their tequila pretty well. One of the older guys was telling me he sometimes enjoys ...

storage tequila  
asked by pay 7 votes
answered by Ken Graham 3 votes

What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

Apart from coming out of different taps, some ales seem very similar to lagers (although there are clearly a much greater variety of ales). Is there a difference in the way they are made?

brewing ale lager  
asked by Tom Medley 40 votes
answered by BryceH 39 votes

How many types of gin are there?

I don't mean brands, we could be here all day figuring out that list... I literally mean how many types of gin are there? I know there's dry (London) gin, and sloe gin, but are there any more? Why's ...

gin differences  
asked by Nemon27 5 votes
answered by Ken Graham 6 votes

What causes my stuffy nose after drinking alcohol?

This is an odd question, but one that I have wondered about for a long time. When I drink alcohol there is a magic sweet spot where my nose gets very stuffy feeling and I sound stuffy while talking. ...

health drinking  
asked by Newbie12345 2 votes
answered by farmersteve 5 votes

Where can I find open APIs with wine data (such as numerical expert rating)?

I'm looking for a wine API with basic info (producer name, name, varietal, region, expert rating, description). seems to have deprecated their API last month. I can't find any other ones from ...

asked by dustyrose 4 votes
answered by macsmith 1 vote

Eat bread before drink beer make you drunk less?

My friends says if you eat some bread it will absorb the alcohol and make you high less. is it true?

drinking alcohol-level non-alcoholic preparation-for-drinking alcohol  
asked by Josua Marcel Chrisano 3 votes
answered by Jason K 5 votes
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