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What's this white floating sediment in my bottles of twisted tea?

Okay so I purchased 2 six packs of bottles each bottle containing different amounts of this whitish colored sediment at the bottom of the bottle all of which aren't expired, if shaked well will ...

asked by Lezgitfaded 5 votes
answered by Tim Burnett - Bassist 3 votes

Is it ok to take antacid tablet after drinking beer?

Once I had couple of large beers. After that I've got acidity. So Is it OK to take antacid tablet after drinking beer?

health pairing drinking  
asked by JL Ann 3 votes
answered by Wayne In Yak 6 votes

What is the highest alcohol content achievable through brewing?

What is the highest level of alcohol you can achieve when brewing beer naturally, without adding alcohol? I know that many strong, popular beers (~10% alcohol) are simply mixed with alcohol, but what ...

asked by Danubian Sailor 17 votes
answered by object88 16 votes

Can alcohol (ethanol) exist in nature without the intervention of man?

The other day, I came across this article: Chimpanzees found routinely drinking alcohol in the wild. In this article, David Mercer claims that "Primates in Guinea drank fermented palm sap using a ...

asked by Ken Graham 8 votes
answered by farmersteve 11 votes

Fermenting Bananas

Is there a method of fermenting bananas? I have a lot of bananas here, apparently they are Cavendish(?) bananas. Is there a simple method to produce a sort of palatable drink from them? Bare in ...

asked by dougal 5.0.0 3 votes
answered by Ken Graham 2 votes

What makes IPAS stronger than "regular" beers

I've only tried IPAS once, but when I can regularly drink 6 beers without feeling any type of alcohol in my system, it only took one and a half pints for me to feel the alcohol kicking in when ...

asked by Just Do It 5 votes
answered by maxwelldeux 7 votes

Are some beers brewed with meat?

I've heard this urban legend that when Guinness changed their brewing equipment at some point, people started to complain that the beer tasted worse. According to the legend, it turned out that before ...

brewing ingredients  
asked by Lars Kotthoff 19 votes
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