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What's this white floating sediment in my bottles of twisted tea?

Okay so I purchased 2 six packs of bottles each bottle containing different amounts of this whitish colored sediment at the bottom of the bottle all of which aren't expired, if shaked well will ...

user avatar asked by Lezgitfaded Score of 5
user avatar answered by Tim Burnett - Bassist Score of 3

What beers or other drinks did Native Indians brew in the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans in 1492?

What beers and other drinks did Native Indians brew in the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans, with Christopher Columbus in 1492? The fact that alcohol was unknown in the Americas is only a ...

history drink  
user avatar asked by Ken Graham Score of 6
user avatar answered by Canadian Coder Score of 2

Is there formaldehyde in beer?

Is there formaldehyde in beer? If there is, what purpose does it serve?

user avatar asked by NullPoiиteя Score of 8
user avatar answered by Andrew Cheong Score of 6

Why is it important to have foam on a beer?

I've seen people complain when served a beer without foam. Equally, getting a glass full of foam is no use. When serving a beer, how much is the right amount of foam and why is this important?

serving foam  
user avatar asked by mdma Score of 31
user avatar answered by Brother Hawkins Score of 26

Why shouldn't you mix baileys and cola?

Some time ago I ordered a Becardi Cola, I however received a Baileys cola. The cola and Baileys seemed to have reacted, it turned into something spongy. How did this happen? What reaction took place?

user avatar asked by Jop Knoppers Score of 1
user avatar answered by Elizabeth Orrick Score of 3

What alcohol would go good with tea?

I drink tea. I had a thought about putting something into it. What good alcohol can I think about putting into the tea?

taste recommendations drinking  
user avatar asked by user6035379 Score of 11
user avatar answered by Ken Graham Score of 7

What is so special about Guinness DRAUGHT?

I haven't heard a lot about the DRAUGHT (Guinness) in terms of its taste. But my brother insists to say that DRAUGHT is the queen of the Guinness. But I found nothing special, indeed, I find it ...

taste specialty-beers draught  
user avatar asked by kitsune Score of 4
user avatar answered by MikeRoger Score of 2
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