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Does beer suffer from being warmed and then rechilled?

I typically prefer my beer only a bit cold, so when I buy a 12-pack from a store's cooler I typically just leave it out. The excess I'll refrigerate at the end of the night, and sometimes repeat the ...

temperature ipa  
asked by Decency 37 votes
answered by jalynn2 30 votes

What are the difference between a dubbel and a tripel?

From a question about german beers, the difference between a doppelbock and triple bock seems to be simply about the abv and maltiness. Basically just a stronger version of the "single" bock. Is is ...

style classification dubbel tripel  
asked by Hugo Dozois 26 votes
answered by Lucas Kauffman 14 votes

What is a good beer for starters, or people who don't typically enjoy the taste of beer?

Asking as a beer lover, my roommate does not enjoy most beers, nor does my fiancé. I have nobody to share my enjoyment and taste testing with. What is a good beer that I can get them started out on to ...

asked by Jaken Herman 7 votes
answered by Canadian Coder 7 votes

What soft drinks mix well with alcohol to make a great drink?

What soft drinks mix well with alcohol to make a great, yet unique tasting drink? We have all heard of rum and coke which is known as a Cuba Libre. I would like to try some other soft drinks with ...

taste recommendations drink  
asked by Ken Graham 4 votes
answered by zenijos10 2 votes

How can I tell whether a beer will improve with age?

Most mass-market beers come with expiration dates, and cease to be good for drinking if too much time has passed since they were brewed, even if they've been stored in unopened containers and good ...

aging bottle-conditioning cellaring freshness  
asked by Pops 42 votes
answered by object88 29 votes

What makes IPAS stronger than "regular" beers

I've only tried IPAS once, but when I can regularly drink 6 beers without feeling any type of alcohol in my system, it only took one and a half pints for me to feel the alcohol kicking in when ...

asked by Just Do It 5 votes
answered by maxwelldeux 7 votes

Can beer be recarbonated?

I was perusing a question about uses for flat beer ("Are there any good uses for beer that has sat in my growler for too long?") when I came across an answer that mentioned "any use that doesn't ...

asked by Jeromy French 12 votes
answered by Fishtoaster 9 votes
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