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Top new questions this week:

What happens if you mix coffee with tequila?

I was wondering whether or not coffee can be mixed with tequila. If yes, in which quantities or how? What would be the result, would it taste good? Normally I get two very different results after ...

taste recommendations spirits tequila mixers  
asked by América 1 vote
answered by Ken Graham 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Would a beer still be good after being cold then hot then cold again?

My main question is really, I guess - how resilient is beer? I have some beer in my refrigerator that was cold when I bought it. I couldn't bring it home quickly due to having to visit my fiancee's ...

asked by Jaken Herman 9 votes
answered by Cameron W 6 votes

Are some beers brewed with meat?

I've heard this urban legend that when Guinness changed their brewing equipment at some point, people started to complain that the beer tasted worse. According to the legend, it turned out that before ...

brewing ingredients  
asked by Lars Kotthoff 19 votes
answered by mdma 26 votes

What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

Apart from coming out of different taps, some ales seem very similar to lagers (although there are clearly a much greater variety of ales). Is there a difference in the way they are made?

brewing ale lager  
asked by Tom Medley 40 votes
answered by BryceH 39 votes

Can alcohol (ethanol) exist in nature without the intervention of man?

The other day, I came across this article: Chimpanzees found routinely drinking alcohol in the wild. In this article, David Mercer claims that "Primates in Guinea drank fermented palm sap using a ...

asked by Ken Graham 7 votes
answered by farmersteve 8 votes

Good non-alcoholic, sedative drinks to replace alcoholic drinks

As active as I am on this Stack and enjoy the occasional drink I'm realizing more and more that, regardless of how little I drink from day to day, for the most part booze just tends to bring me down a ...

asked by Canadian Coder 8 votes
answered by Canadian Coder 2 votes

Is Oyster Stout really made using oysters?

One of my favorite stouts is Oesterstout by the Schelde Brewery. The website states: During the brewing process, the wort of the beer is pumped across the oyster shells. Is this what gives it ...

brewing stout  
asked by Steven Jeuris 16 votes
answered by James Henstridge 18 votes

Will temperature changes cause a beer to "skunk" or otherwise spoil?

In my fraternity days, there was a constant fear of beer (typically kegged but also bottled) getting "skunked" as a result of warming up and cooling down too many times, possibly even once. Do ...

asked by Brian Nickel 26 votes
answered by Andrew Cheong 22 votes
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