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What should I do when my wine's cork crumbles?

I bought a bottle of wine the other day, and when I attempted to open it, the cork crumbled to pieces! I was eventually able to dig a hole through the cork, and pour the wine (slowly) through a coffee ...

asked by SPavel 10 votes
answered by farmersteve 8 votes

Why would some prefer to put salt in their beer?

Are there any traditional or historic reason(s) why people would put salt in their beer when drinking it or would simply prefer to drink a salted beer such as Gose? Gose beer, brewed in Bonn, Germany ...

taste specialty-beers  
asked by Ken Graham 7 votes
answered by farmersteve 5 votes

Are there microbreweries or craft breweries in Iceland?

Are there any microbreweries in Iceland? If so, are any of them in Reykjavik? What is the most distinct / unique beer from Iceland that one can get at the supermarket?

breweries local  
asked by alvas 15 votes
answered by Ernir 15 votes

Dumping small amount of cigarette ashes into the beers

By dumping a small amount of cigarette ash into a beer, I have heard people say it helps give the beer an extra "kick"... Is there any truth to this? Or, is it just a myth?...

health alcohol-level  
asked by Ashwith Ullal 6 votes
answered by Rube 19 votes

Do IPAs cause worse hangovers?

I usually drink strong Belgian Ales, particularly Triples, Quads and Trappists, so I'm no stranger to strong beer. But I've noticed that I get far, far worse hangovers when drinking IPAs. Is there ...

ipa hangover  
asked by Adam Rackis 8 votes
answered by jamesakadamingo 11 votes

What causes my stuffy nose after drinking alcohol?

This is an odd question, but one that I have wondered about for a long time. When I drink alcohol there is a magic sweet spot where my nose gets very stuffy feeling and I sound stuffy while talking. ...

health drinking  
asked by Newbie12345 2 votes
answered by farmersteve 6 votes

Why is drinking beer after wine a bad idea?

As the well known rhyme reminds us, drinking beer after wine is a bad idea. Having made the mistake during my student years more than once and regretting it, why is it that consuming these two ...

asked by Tom Medley 19 votes
answered by Danubian Sailor 11 votes
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